Transform your plan into a tangible product with steel structure solutions

Ikon Ideea offers a full range of services that aim to tackle every stage of a project, including design, manufacturing, delivery and installation. Thus we ensure that your project successfully passes all the development phases and that all the specifications marked on a paper are reflected in the final product.
We rely on our continually developing technology, state of the art equipment and reliable workforce to deliver quality solutions according to your specific needs.
Even though every project is unique, we believe in the importance of following established processes based on a strong and stable workflow in order to guarantee its success.


By virtue of our extensive experience, our advanced technical equipment and well grounded process, Ikon Ideea is capable of offering a wide range of services applicable to many industries. We are therefore able to carry out all stages of production, such as cutting, bending, rolling, welding, machining, sandblasting and painting for various steel components and structures.
With the help of our advanced technical equipment utilised in welding, mechanical machining and surface treatment we execute large welded parts, up to a total weight of 35 tons, for many areas and applications.
Based on our experience, skilled workforce and technical endowment, we can manufacture steelwork to any demands, being involved in many international projects for metal halls, bridges and structural elements.
Throughout the years of activity, one of our main areas of expertise was the hydropower industry, continuously developing integrated solutions encompassing works such as penstocks, gates, pelton turbines and many more.
Using steel as a cost effective, sustainable and lasting material, we manufacture industrial buildings for a wide range of applications and industries, delivering complete solutions from fabrication to on-site implementation.