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A business that supports the community and protects the environment

At Ikon Ideea we value every interaction with our partners, maintaining a high degree of integrity and professionalism throughout our entire collaboration. At the same time, we are aware that our business is not isolated and that we are part of a larger ecosystem. This incorporates our diverse personnel, our local community and the natural environment. All these aspects are thoughtfully taken into consideration in our day-to-day activity.


We strongly believe in and adhere to multiple moral guidelines that encapsulate our vision for the world, both as individuals and as a company.

Law Compliance

We are committed to follow the national legislative measures and to respect all international rules, while applying and developing our internal policies at the same time.

Business Integrity

In every business interaction we conduct ourselves in accordance to a solid set of business ethics, maintaining complete transparency and fairness.

Environmental Care

Ikon Ideea recognizes the importance of protecting the environment, implementing green measures in the usage of our resources and in the development of our projects.

Personnel Safety

We are seeking to build a safe, comfortable and healthy work domain, doing everything to prevent injury or illness, as well as eliminating hazards and reducing risks.

Community Support

Being rooted and dependent on the local community, our interests go beyond business or profit and towards various actions that can support the public.

Learning & Development

We strongly believe that no person is an absolute master of its craft and that is why we are constantly aiming to improve the way we operate, as professionals and individuals.