Ikon Ideea has been a loyal partner in their development strategy, building together 4 industrial halls adding up to over 10.000sqm: 1 in Zalau and 3 in Jibou Industrial Park. Ikon Ideea, as a general contractor, had the role of carrying out the technical projects, the execution details, the making of the metal confections as well as the assembly of the four metal halls and interior finishes.

In May 2022 we completed the 5th hall, the largest as of yet, with an area of 6000 m2. Of the entire space, over 600 m2 were represented by offices and work spaces. The project was developed at the quality level expected by the client.


Being a part of Iltom Group, Fraven is a company specializing in metal sheet manufacturing to meet new market demands in low-cost countries. Our partnership started in 2010, when we were contracted to build their first hall in Zalau, Romania.






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