Welded equipment

We have the ability to execute large welded parts, up to a total weight of 35 tons. Due to the mechanical processing equipment provided, the accuracy of these equipment can be expressed in tenths.

The technical equipment of Ikon, both on the welding side, mechanical machining but also the part of blasting and surface treatment allows us to make welded equipment for areas such as:

  • components for hydroelectric power stations
  • machine construction
  • industrial equipment
  • storage tanks
  • generator frames

Pelton Turbines

Distributor and Housing

We have over 5 years of experience on more than 20 Pelton Turbine projects, delivering reliable parte all over the world.

Penstocks & Bifurcation

With diameters ranging from 0.8m to over 4m

We have been supplying and installing over time the pipe for adduction for several important projects in Europe.

Inlet Pipes

This type of product, part of the equipment of a hydroelectric power station, fits very well with our technical endowments. That’s why we managed to deliver Inlet Pipes, of different lengths and diameters for many Hydropower developers.

Storage Tanks

Our experience is based on projects in which we delivered mainly products manufactured from Stainless Steel.

Various Industrial Equipments

We’re ready to deliver gates for hydroelectric power stations, frameworks for machines or cranes, or industrial undercarriages.

We seek to invest in new technology, provide our people with a safe work environment, and build long-term relationships through professional and ethical conduct.

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